Theology on Tap
Kamloops United Church (First Third Ministry, Youth & Young Families)
KUC spiritual discovery

FSM - The Religion with Spaghetti
Jesus died in ??
Theology on Tap
After another successful night of Theology on Tap, KUC returns for another on Monday Feb. 26th. We will unpack St. Cupid and his influence on contemporary Christianity and share a lot of laughter.
Our motto - Love All Hate None
Arrive with a sense of humour and smile:)

Discussion led by Rev. Andrew Macpherson, Community Life Minsiter at Kamloops United Church

A fun learning game is available for you to download on the Apple App and Google Play Stores - Faithmatch
The grand prize is calorie free beer, Amen
Deep Theology
Imam & Minister go to the hockey game (picture below)
Festival - a dream
Oct 30th Video Theology on Tap @ Iron Brew Pub
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Nov 27th Video Theology on Tap @ Frick n Frack Tap House